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Iconiq Lab – Token Sale Status

We are currently in the final phase of the regulatory approval process with the German regulator, BaFin. In the light of the current situation, the Iconiq Lab team is delaying the pre and main sale dates.

We at Iconiq Lab are creating the first public BaFin approved ICO and wish to see the process through to the end. As stated by Iconiq Lab CEO Patrick Lowry, “Iconiq Lab holds itself to the highest quality, and as such cannot in good faith issue a token without final regulatory approval from, BaFin. We were just told today that we are still in the final phases of the regulatory review process, and as such, will have to postpone our presale. We understand this is disappointing for the community we have gathered who are as excited as we are for the launch of the ICNQ token, but we shall only issue a 100% legally compliant token.”

As such, the team has decided to postpone the token sale dates, keeping the best interests of its community in mind.

Thank you for your continued interest, support and patience. We will announce the new dates of our sale once we have the final feedback from BaFin.

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Color Paper

White Paper

Executive Summary

Primary Issues in the ICO Markets

The ICO space shows great promise but as with any emerging technology there will be problems that need solving. Here are a few of the major issues that are still present in the space:

Solution – Iconiq Lab

Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program. We source, fund, develop and accelerate the best crypto, blockchain and tokenizable startups to their own ICO or Token Sale. We help launch tokens supported by real-world, sustainable business solutions.

Source and fund top startups, projects & teams

We identify and perform full comprehensive due diligence on a large pipeline of program applicants, selecting only the most promising projects to seed fund and admit to the accelerator.

Accelerate teams to a token launch

Together with our partners we provide our participants with expert services for tokenization, ICO legal frameworks, best practices in marketing and white-paper construction, as well as general business development.

Provide quality ICO participation opportunities

We provide our community with the tools to participate in quality ICOs which went through our thorough due diligence processes and are supported by our accelerator.

ICNQ Token – Elements

The ICNQ Club Membership opens a world of opportunities for crypto market participants! Members of the ICNQ club will have exclusive presale privileges, platform access and Iconiq Lab community benefits!

ICNQ Token – Funding Uses

The ICNQ Club Membership token is the instrument used to fund and grow the accelerator program for the benefit of its token members. Iconiq Lab will issue 15M tokens (of a total of 20M tokens) publicly and to institutional investors at a targeted €10.5M fundraise to launch, optimize and scale the accelerator program.

  • €5M in a self sustaining pool which will be used to cover the expenses of program participants.

  • €2.5M will be used to scale the accelerator internationally and further develop the program

  • €1M will be used to cover marketing related expenses to attract top startups.

  • €1M will be used to cover finance and legal expenses of the accelerator program.

  • €1M will be used to launch new business units in the Iconiq Lab value chain.

ICNQ Token – Token Distribution

 75% of total tokens will be sold in the token sale, with the team receiving 15% and a 10% reserve for future uses and hires. Tokens allocated to the team and advisors will be subject to a one year lock-up period where they will not be permitted to be traded.

  • €4M ICNQ / 20%  Public Membership Sale

  • €2.75M ICNQ / 14% Presale

  • €2.5M ICNQ / 13% U.S. accredited investors

  • €4.65M ICNQ / 23% Institutional Membership Sale

  • €1M ICNQ / 5% Bounty Campagnin

  • €2M ICNQ / 10% Future Use

  • €3.1M ICNQ / 15% Team and Advisors

Cash Flow Example

How will the tokens be used to fund the startups example.

ICNQ membership – Monetization

Deep Due Diligence Process

Through quality industry processes we ensure that only top quality projects make it into the accelerator

  • screening
  • first due diligence
  • pre selection
  • scam check
  • introductory
  • terms and conditions
  • documents request
  • personal impressions
  • marketing material
  • team experience
  • legal structure
  • previous funding
  • in team discussion
  • idea evaluation
  • market research
  • competitor analysis
  • token structure
  • funding needs
  • legal insights
  • 3rd party providers
  • token structure deep dive / feasibility check
  • review by a trusted partner
  • domiciling
  • company structure
  • 3rd party providers check
  • funding needs
  • scaling plans
  • expenditures check
  • growth projections
  • smart coding check
  • blockchain applications
  • technological deep dive
  • management review
  • final collaboration plan
  • working atmosphere
  • action plan proposal
  • contract draft
  • contract signing
  • collaboration agreement
  • Seed funding for expenses
  • expenditure guidelines
  • marketing
  • mentoring
  • legal guidance
  • business development
  • in depth workshops
  • expert network access
  • exclusive pre-sale to ICNQ Club Members
  • public sale preparation and execution
  • monitoring
  • reporting
  • continuous support to token holders and startups

Selection Process

The statistics behind the first batch of the accelerator program

Applications reviewed – For the first batch Iconiq Lab reviewed 165 applications
Personal introduction – with 80 projects Iconiq Lab had deep dive conversations
Follow up and deep dive – Iconiq Lab scheduled follow ups with 50 startups and requested further documents
Due diligence process – 18 companies ran through the Iconiq Lab due diligence process
Accelerator companies – Only 5 companies passed the due diligence and are admitted to the first batch

Community Feedback

See what the top people in the field have to say about the Iconiq Lab project!

Iconiq Lab Timeline

Here is the plan.

As Mentioned In

Meet Our Strategic Partners

Finlab AG Partnership & Strategic Investment

In November 2017, FinLab AG, a publicly traded FinTech company builder,  made a strategic investment into Iconiq Lab. FinLab offers many strategic advantages for Iconiq Lab and its accelerator companies.

Program Launch – Germany

Iconiq Lab will launch in Germany with an initial presence in Berlin and Frankfurt. This grants the accelerator program direct access to the most interesting startups and industry experts in two major European cities. 

Program Launch – Global Expansion

The plan for the global expansion of the accelerator program.

Stakeholder Management

How different participants fit into the accelerator program

What We Do For Startups

Not just another accelerator

Acceleration Process

The process from joining the accelerator to the ICO

Our Startups Pipeline

*Includes Accelerator Candidates and Iconiq Lab consulting projects. // Accelerator candidates still have to go through full Due Diligence process. // Consulting designation stands for external projects that Iconiq Lab is working with outside of the Accelerator program.

Find out more about our Startups!


No – there is no such limit.

The only discounts we have are 50% bonus presale discount.

No side deal or individual discounts are provided – we are a transparent entity.

Benefits start with the kickoff of the first batch.

The data around participants, teams and projects become available upon the accelerator launch week in February 2018.

We are ambitiously scaling to multiple batches and geographies. We have a fully digital model with a very strong scaling ambition.

Each accelerator intake would do a minimum of 20 ICOs annually – 10 per batch with a minimum of 2 batches every year.

As a privileged ICNQ token holder, you shall have access to data on proprietary, research, platform content, sourcing, dealflow and market insights. You shall also have access to due diligence reports and access to our consulting.

At the moment, we accept Ether and Bitcoin for the purchase.

We are using an ERC20 smart contract – a copy of this shall be uploaded in GIT Hub soon.

Ideally yes. But we are currently checking with regulators on if this is mandatory.

A copy of the smart contract ERC20 will be posted on GIT Hub.

The value will be locked up a week prior to the sale.

Our presale starts on Dec 3rd, 2017.

The ICNQ public sale starts on January 7th, 2018.

There is a 50% presale bonus.

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